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Heather Tiller FiligreeHeather Key Tiller, a gemstone and metal artisan, began her career in 1997. A pioneer in the market of custom jewelry in the southeast, Tiller works primarily with natural stones and is the proud owner of Filigree, an original jewelry boutique featuring her creative wares located in the fashionable Design District of historical downtown Charleston. Filigree opened in 2001 and offers original, funky, classic jewelry that you will love forever.

“This high-end jewelry boutique specializes in beautiful, original piece-each handcrafted with remarkable artistry by owner/designer Heather Key Tiller. Her pieces are excitingly unique and exquisitly handmade. The varied classic designs feature high quality, scintilating stones and lustrous pearls. Conveniently located near the visitor center.”

As Seen in VOGUE November 2002

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